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Feeding Families in Need in Our Community

Church Women United Food Pantry is working to fight hunger in our local community and our agency is supporting them on their mission. The organization recognizes that there are still areas and households that are suffering from a lack of food and resources and they want to take steps to change that.

Church Women United Food Pantry has served more than 20,000 clients since 2014. They have helped to provide food for families who on occasion, have to meet their basic needs and do not have enough funds to feed their entire family the kind of food that is required for an active and healthy lifestyle. With the assistance of the community and volunteers, the pantry is able to distribute more than 7 million pounds of food annually to those in need. “We recognize the need of those without food in our community and believe that no one should have to go to sleep hungry at any point in time.”

There are nearly 30,000 children in our region that are experiencing some form of food insecurity while 86,000 residents are struggling with hunger. Funds raised will help to stock up the food pantry and ensure that everyone has access to food when they need it most. Join us on our mission to support the Church Women United Food Pantry.

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Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

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